Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Utahns Unite for Marriage

by Brig Bagley

A number of respected Utah citizens have come together in support of marriage equality, Mormons and Republicans included. The groups wishes to promote the idea that anyone can support marriage equality while still honoring their beliefs from religion or conservative political parties. They say that people should understand that government is not a tool to uphold discrimination and their political representatives should step back to look at the issue more clearly.

The group was formed to time itself with the April 10 arguments for the Amendment 3 case in Denver.

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  1. Shouldn't that read "Republican and Mormon included". I'm not sure there were plural of them, or at least the article seemed to struggle to identify one. Utah is polarizing more and more on this issue. Look no further than Republican Senator Lee and Representatives Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz to see "Republicans and Mormons" not only against gays, gay rights, and gay marriage, but STRONGLY against them.