Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Utah's Hired Attorneys to Fight for Amendment 3 Lose Credibility via Michigan's Trial

by Brig Bagley

Utah has hired private attorneys to fight in favor of Utah's same-sex marriage ban. It is already estimated that 2 million dollars of tax-payer's money will be used to pay off these private attorneys. 

Just a few days ago, Michigan had another federal judge strike down a same-sex marriage ban. But unlike any other ruling like it in the last few months, Judge Bernard Friedman organized a full trial to hear experts testify for both side of the case. Friedman not only ruled the ban unconstitutional, but also declared the attorneys defending the ban "entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration".

Two of Utah's "hired special counsel" to defend Amendment 3 were included in that ruling.

Utah, assuming they keep the same counsel and continue the fight for Amendment 3, will undoubtedly face embarrassment when the arguments and experts fabricating them are dismissed--by both the 10th District Court and the US Supreme Court--as empty and false. 

The state of Utah is wasting its own citizens' funds for a losing case. There are so many other lacking areas needing funding... such as public transport, pollution, education... that are being sacrificed for this battle that falsely claims to "protect Utah's families and children". 

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