Friday, March 7, 2014

Real Stories from LGBT Utahns

by Brig Bagley

7 March 2014

Jonathan Adamson, a close friend of mine, as well as a previous author of this blog, filmed the stories told by the LGBT Utahns at the meeting with Utah Legislators just over a week ago. He posted this about the stories:

"Last week, 12 brave people sat before Utah State legislators and shared their stories in order to help our state representatives see the need for an anti-discrimination law that protects people against discrimination in the workplace and in housing based on sexual orientation and gender identity. I was able to record their stories and they are available on YouTube.

"Among the 12 are mothers, fathers, transgender Utahns, LDS Utahns, BYU students, and others. My boyfriend's mother, Wendy Matis was also one of the 12. Take the time to watch and share these videos. We've worked for 6 years to try and pass anti-discrimination legislation and each year our state representatives have dismissed it."

 Here is the link to the stories:

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