Monday, April 7, 2014

10th District Court Case Thursday and Related News

by Brig Bagley

7 April 2014

The historic case Kitchen vs. Herbert will be heard this Thursday in Denver. Many Utahns look forward to the results of this case, which could take up to a couple of months to be released. But the attorneys fighting against the same-sex ban are confident they will win.

The case is about love and equal rights and protection and due process under the law. It's not about religion, tradition, or protecting children from the lack of such. But it is about giving children and families the same protections, opportunities, and treatment despite uncontrollable gender identity and attraction differences.

Bill Bradshaw is a gay rights activist, an active Mormon, and an intellectual. He researched microbiology at BYU and claims sexual preference to be connected to genetics. In a new advertisement coming out this week in preparation for the court case, Bradshaw and his wife will ask Utahns to support gay marriage because it will benefit the state, not hurt it. The couple have a typical large Mormon family, and one son who is gay.

In related news, the US Supreme Court decides to not hear the New Mexico case appeal where Christian photographers were sued for not providing services to a lesbian couple. This means that in New Mexico only, it is illegal for a public business to refuse service to any customer for discriminatory reasons, despite religious beliefs.

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