Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dating App "OkCupid" says "Avoid Firefox"

OkCupid: Boycott Firefox over new Mozilla CEO’s support of Prop 8

by Brig Bagley

2 April 2014

OKCupid is a popular dating website/app--primarily for gay men. When the new CEO for Mozilla stepped in, OKCupid took a political stand and decided to warn its users. When using Firefox browser, if you access the OKCupid site, a message appears asking users to reconsider usage of Firefox and recommends other options.

CEO Brendan Eich of Mozilla reportedly contributed $1000 to Prop 8 support in CA in 2008. His views against gay marriage are public, and OKCupid doesn't want support going to his company for that reason.

Don't use OKCupid, but want a different browser than Firefox now? Try Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

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