Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mississippi's "Legalized Discrimination" Bill Passes and Awaits Governor's Veto

by Brig Bagley

2 April 2014

Another "religious freedom" in the works, Mississippi awaits the fate of legislation that could allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT people in the state for religious reasons. Both the state house and senate passed the bill after several revisions, but none of the revisions gave protections to LGBT people. Governor Phil Bryant is expected to veto the bill, but it isn't known for sure what will happen.

Gay couples could be refused lodging in hotels, meals at restaurants, and even vaccinations, medications, and treatments at hospitals or pharmacies because employees or employers would legally be able to refuse the service for religious beliefs that oppose that lifestyle. 

Since when does doing your job affect your ability to worship? Laws like this will hurt the state--and not only it's LGBT citizens. Businesses that oppose the law will move out, hurting the economy and the rest of the state. It's bad policy all around.

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