Monday, April 14, 2014

Traditional Marriage Supporters Rally at Capitol Friday after Amendment 3 Case in Denver

by Brig Bagley

14 April 2014

Duplicating the efforts by same-sex marriage supporters, traditional marriage supporters welcomed home the state officials and their attorneys after the hearing of the Amendment 3 case in Denver Thursday. It was a last-minute effort by the Eagle Forum, and several groups showed up to voice their support of banning the legalization of same-sex couples' ability to marry in Utah.

Although Sean Reyes, the AG of Utah doesn't voice his opinion and only says he is "fighting for the laws passed by the people of Utah," it is undoubtedly his belief and duty to Mormon policy to protect the religion's stance. Supporters of same-sex marriage appreciated his amiable approach before the case, but the plaintiffs were confused and believe Reyes doesn't understand "the real harm" he is causing to so many Utah families.

Even if 66 percent of Utah approved of the same-sex marriage ban in 2004, surveys show that the majority now has reversed 10 years later. Why protect so adamantly a law that is now outdated? Why waste so many tax dollars for a minority? Because Reyes and his much of his team pitch for the largely LDS influenced government. Using an official legal excuse as an answer to the press is how he believes he can stay on the good side of all Utah citizens. It's all about people pleasing and re-election. And his religion, of course. 

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