Monday, April 7, 2014

Another LDS Conference Silently Passes

by Brig Bagley

7 April 2014

Unless you're hanging out within a few blocks of Temple Square, most wouldn't notice the LDS Conference in session this last weekend. The Mormons quickly and quietly filtered into the Conference Center to hear their senior citizen, male, wealthy, and predominantly white leaders speak on love, faith and obedience. The protesters walking around or holding signs were quiet and respectful, yet hoping to grab the attention of questioning Mormons afraid to dissent from the faith. 

Another group, Ordain Women, went to Temple Square to ask to be admitted to the Priesthood Session, one by one. They were refused, one by one, as expected, but are determined to remain a growing entity to draw attention to the gender inequality in the church. 

The talks given by leaders this time around were rather typical and vanilla, with almost no mentioning to the social issues that have been pressuring the core beliefs of the church. There was a talk by Dallin Oaks that addressed women and the priesthood. But emphasis was on promoting the recent successes, such as the 40% increase in missionaries and 4% increase in converts. Along those lines, nothing was said about how the increase of converts is embarrassing for how many more missionaries there are. Nor the increase of inactivity or church membership resignations. No new temples were announced, either. 

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