Thursday, April 10, 2014

Utah's AG Sean Reyes is Pushing to Halt Same-Sex Adoptions

by Brig Bagley

10 April 2014

It would be no surprise if Mormon Attorney General of Utah is fighting for a small wealthy group of conservatives. He was brought into office unexpectedly when his predecessor stepped down, appointed by Gov. Herbert of Utah. These two men are in the same bed when it comes for defending outdated and unpopular religious beliefs. Both are Mormon and are no doubt taking under-the-table orders from Mormon leaders, probably explicitly, but certainly implicitly. Mormons are encouraged to take their beliefs to office to enforce them onto the rest of society. 

This time, Reyes has done exactly what he has claimed same-sex marriages would do: hurt the children of Utah. There were dozens of couples that married in Utah when it was legal, but then also filed for second parent adoption, or even a new joint adoption. But while Reyes believe all eyes were on Denver for the Amendment 3 court session, he quietly filed for "Emergency Extraordinary Relief" to overturn and reverse any progress on adoptions for all of Utah's same-sex couples. Reyes fears that allowing the adoptions was basically say Utah approves of gay marriage.

So now, there are several children that could have had normal, legally-recognized families, but now could face foster care with potentially unhealthy homes if their legal parent becomes ill or dies. Not to mention the several children that would have been adopted that no longer can.

Who is really destroying Utah's loving families and hurting children? People like Sean Reyes and his partner in Utah government, Gary Herbert. Any and all of their arguments against gay parent families are from outdated polls and laws, unreliable and biased research, or religiously fabricated documents. The actions taken and money wasted by them should convince any conservative to re-think who they should have as leaders of Utah.

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