Thursday, February 27, 2014

AZ Governor Vetoes Discriminatory Law

by Brig Bagley

27 February 2014

After the urging of protesters, businesses, senators, and friends, Gov. Brewer of Arizona decided to veto the law that would permit discrimination of any kind, as long as it was on the basis of personally held religious beliefs. 

It was clear that this bill was mean for gays and lesbians as it was in response to the lawsuits that put out of business people that refused to provide gay couples with services such as wedding cakes and photography. 

Businesses are not religions and therefore cannot refuse to serve people that live against the beliefs of the business owner or employee. If this measure was signed into law, patronage would diminish in the state, slowing the economy forcing companies to move out or not move in at all. Not only was the measure a hateful attempt to legalize discrimination, but it was also poorly thought out as to the consequences it would have on the state as a whole.

Whatever the reasons were for Jan Brewer to veto the bill, LGBT groups are happy that she did.

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