Friday, February 28, 2014

US Anti-Gay Extremists May be of Cause to Uganda's and Russia's Anti-Gay Policies

by Brig Bagley

28 February 2014

Scott Lively, an American author, attorney, and activist, and the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer are noted for their opposition to LGBT people and their rights.

Lively is currently being tried for crimes against humanity for inspiring hatred against gay and lesbian people. Part of that trial is his visit to Uganda to promote the recent passage of anti-gay laws that can imprison gay Uganda people for life. Lively also claims to be a major contributor to the anti-gay laws now in place in Russia. He even believes that gays are to blame for the Holocaust and the Rwanda genocide. Fischer has publicly approved Lively's actions, calling "homosexuality contrary to public policy."

Both of these anti-gay activists believe homosexuality can be "unlearned", which the American Medical Association has declared harmful, being that homosexuality is not a health issue or problem.

It is interesting that because of the progress in countries like the US, Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, etc., people like Lively and Fischer resort to other developing countries to spread their hate and find followers to their cause. The oppression they promote only mirrors the tactics used in history like the infamous Nazi Germany.

When these people will stop or countries will reject such inhumane beliefs will never be soon enough. Those who support such oppression have blood on their hands from the violence that has and will occur in places like Russia, and now Uganda.

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