Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook adds new Gender Options

Facebook offers expanded options for gender

By Brig Bagley

18 February 2014

The options for types of gender have expanded on Facebook. In the early days, even relationship status was limited to something as small as "Single" and "Not Single", but now options like "It's Complicated" are often seen. In order to accommodate the growing issues revolving around gender identity, Facebook now allows trans gender options. 

Why is this so important? A number of trans gender related people would like the proper pro-nouns used when referenced by Facebook's Ads or suggestions, such as "Wish him/her a Happy Birthday". Users aren't necessarily offended by this, but are hoping to educate others on how they would preferred to be referred as. 

This is one of the first large corporations to include so many options for gender identity. LGBT organizations are certainly happy to see this progress at this particular time in history. The hope is that other organizations will adopt the option for people to identify more specifically how they please. It will likely be a long time before legal documents make the move to no longer force trans gender people to select a gender that does not describe them.

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