Thursday, February 6, 2014

State's brief for upholding Same-Sex ban in Utah is copy-paste of recycled arguments

News analysis: Utah same-sex marriage brief is a cut-and-paste from the ultra-conservative agenda

By Brig Bagley

5 February 2014

According to an article in Q-Salt Lake, a break down of the arguments in the States brief are old news and not even original.  A number of statements are word-for-word copies of arguments used in other briefs for failed anti-equality cases. In addition, many are also pulled from heavily conservative groups and authors.

Some of these arguments include the following:

1. Traditional marriage has worked for hundreds of years in the past.

2. Children are best raised in a home with a mother and father.

3. Fertility rates are dropping, and gay marriage is the cause and will continue the trend.

4. Redefining marriage as an adult-centric entity, detrimental to children.

5. Legalizing same-sex marriage degrades the value of marriage, therefore causing a decline of marriage in

6. If same-sex marriage is legal, religious and private institutions would be punished for excluding LGBT people from their services, such as churches, adoption agencies, schools like BYU, and BYU housing.

In the article, the frivolity of it can be summed up in this statement:

" 'Redefining marriage would be a recipe for social and religious strife,' the legal team wrote.

In other words, blood will spill if gays can marry and the state can say, 'I told you so.' "

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