Wednesday, February 19, 2014

National Organization for Marriage Desperately moves from Bad to Worse

By Brig Bagley

19 February 2014

As same-sex marriage becomes more and more acceptable, NOM has become more and more desperate to destroy it. Instead of just promoting traditional marriage, it now blatantly attacks not just same-sex marriage, but LGBT people in general. It reiterates that homosexuality is wrong, a sin, and harmful to the human soul. 

According to the original article, NOM is operating in debt, where the majority of its funding is coming from a mere 3 individuals. The drop in funding is likely due to its shift in no longer focusing on marriage, as it had before. 

Some of the more rash statements by NOM include defending Duck Dynasty when its cast member openly criticized gays, spreading lies about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, mocking trans-gender Americans, promoting the restriction of adoptions by same-sex couples, and putting down NBA player Jason Collins for coming out as gay.

"It appears that NOM is intent on harming as many LGBT people as possible as it slides into total irrelevancy."

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