Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Striking Down of DOMA has started Unprecedented Court Rulings against Same-Sex Marriage Bans: Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Nevada

By Brig Bagley

11 February 2014

Just this past month, another Federal Judge has ruled a state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Oklahoma was the subject of this ruling, following cases heard for New Jersey, New Mexico, and Utah.   The decision was stayed, however, expecting an appeal to the decision. For now, no same-sex marriage licenses will be issued in Oklahoma, but couples are expectant. It is likely that the Utah case will reach the Supreme Court sooner, since the licenses issued in Utah expedited the court process in order to resolve concerns over said licenses. 

Most recently, officials in Nevada have made it clear that there will be no more fighting against same-sex marriage, which will fare well in its legalization in court cases to come.  

Following the Defense Against Marriage strike-down by the US Supreme Court, lower federal courts have received several cases fighting same-sex marriage bans as a result of the ruling. This is what many are calling the Gay Rights Movement, which began back in 2008 with Proposition 8 in California.  Many other states have voted in or passed legalization of same-sex marriage, with many more expected to follow. Indiana is an exception, being the only state to recently ban same-sex marriage.

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