Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Millennial" Generation Leaving Religion as a Result of Anti-Gay Beliefs

by Brig Bagley

26 February 2014

About one third of adults, aging 21-34, have disenfranchised themselves from religion as a result of the anti-gay beliefs and policies within the religion.

Millennials, or Generation Y, are people born in approximately the early 1980s to the early 2000s. It is apparent in most of these people a greater tolerance and acceptance of alternative lifestyles, despite constant family or religious teachings. The world has progressed and changed significantly during the maturing years of these people, possibly desensitizing them to change, and even welcoming it.

The original article explains how even despite the softening of the teachings against homosexuality, the negativity has made it difficult for religious groups to recruit or even retain younger people.

Several surveys have shown increasing support for LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage. The graph above visualizes how most of the people in several religions have changed their opinion that gay marriage is against their beliefs. The only exception is unaffiliated religions.

With many religions pushing the front to keep traditional marriage, the heat will likely set off even more people to leave their churches. It is common today for religious people to accept homosexuality on an individual basis. When these individuals are challenged by their church leadership, they will probably be pushed away.

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