Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blog Post "Dear Mormonism"

by Brig Bagley

27 February 2014

The irony of this post is that it is thanking Mormonism for teaching this woman to do exactly the opposite of most of the teachings in the church itself. The suppressing of women in the church led her to become a feminist valuing her mind and not "just her uterus". 

Many ex-Mormons have a lot to thank the religion for--whether actual positive lessons, or close-minded ones that lead them to open their minds. Compassion, love, forgiveness, and service are often great qualities of Mormon and ex-Mormon people. But open-mindedness, compassion to LGBT people, energy for the rights and powers of women, and social diversity are things learned in spite of the religion.

As to not spoil nor derail the eloquence of the post, take a read yourself: 

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