Friday, May 16, 2014

Attorney General of Utah is Scrutinized for Fighting Gay Adoptions


by Brig Bagley

16 May 2014

A district judge is ordering Sean Reyes, Utah AG to explain his movements to revoke adoptions filed by legally married same-sex parents. Utah officials are said to be "in open violation to a court order" and should be "held in contempt in the court" for their decisions. 

It is illegal to reverse any legal adoptions because of the harm it causes to families and their children. Utah didn't comply with this when seeking to sue the judge that approved the changing of the parents of a child's birth certificate. Utah claims it is acting in the interest of the state to avoid the confusion with the pending same-sex marriage decision.

The truth is that the state could have focused on other more important matters and let these situations be. If same-sex marriage is made legal, Utah would have to undo its undoing. The move is solely to gain approval of conservative voters and to follow personal religious dictates. 

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