Monday, May 12, 2014

Southern Utah Equality Utah Dinner in St. George, UT

Photo: Anticipation.  Equality Utah 2014

by Brig Bagley

12 May 2014

Colored lights on the banquet room ceiling resembled the typical beautiful St. George sunset for guests at the Equality Utah dinner on Saturday, May 10. Over 450 proponents of LGBT rights and progress showed their support with auctions and donations for the cause. A delicious dinner and a moving presentation was the center of the evening for all who attended. 

Storyteller Janice Brooks was the MC for the night, adding a song "We are One" with her son to energize the crowd. Rev. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay priest for the Episcopal Church, was the keynote speaker for the evening, proposing that the merging of Christianity and LGBT people is not the oxymoron both sides believe it is.

St. George's Planned Parenthood was also featured as a positive force in helping and protecting people, including LGBT citizens. They promoted their belief in responsible, safe, fun, and good sex.

Jonathan Adamson produced the key feature presentation of the night, the capstone to the theme, "We are One." A standing ovation lauded the video at its conclusion. You can watch the video at the link below: 

Emotions and love was high at the dinner. It celebrated the unprecedented progress in equal rights for LGBT people, as well as the progress that is bound to come in the next year.

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