Tuesday, May 27, 2014

President of Sutherland Institute Opinion: Fighting Marriage 'Equality'

by Brig Bagley

27 May 2014

Paul Mero is the president of the Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank in Utah that is at the forefront of fighting Same-Sex Marriage legalization. 

Mero claims that traditional marriage is a pillar of the common good and general welfare of men, women and children. SSM is about adult selfishness, and if marriage can mean anything, it means nothing. SSM will damage the economy, but traditional marriage safer for all children, women, and men. Mero discredits any research on the success of same-sex parented families, claiming the data to be minimal and incomplete. Any family not meeting the traditional requirements suffers a handicap, some greater than others. Legalizing SSM institutionalizes dysfunction. "Intact traditional families are ballast for the common good in troubled times." Abandoning defense of traditional marriage is cultural suicide. 

There are several ignorant and offensive statements in Mero's words--and not only to homosexuals, but to heterosexuals as well. If any family does not have a married biological mother and father intact, it is not a traditional family. Any of these families is excluded in these statements as well. How does it make them feel when they are considered inferior families? And why isn't the institute fighting adultery, fornication, divorce, and single parent homes, since they are also non-traditional? There are a hundred fold more of these "families" that involve children than same-sex parent families. Shouldn't you spend time and money on the bigger problems?

Same-sex parent families have existed from the beginning. They will continue to exist, whether the government recognizes them or not. Depriving them of rights/privileges/whatever will not discourage homosexuality, but it will strip those children of safety that children of "traditional families" enjoy/take for granted. 

Dismissing research that indicates healthy child-rearing by same-sex parents is also ignorant. If a couple has to work as hard as same-sex parents do in order to even obtain children, it's only because the parents will provide a healthy and safe home for them. So many children are born to young, irresponsible heterosexual parents. They have no say who conceived them. How is their blunder better than children adopted by same-sex parents that actually want  them, and can afford them?

And the economy... gay people are the most likely to spend money and boost the economy. Patronizing Wal-Mart for the cheapest gear is the default for most people, especially penny-pinching Mormons. This does not encourage the economy, nor does it help the local businesses that depend on spenders to survive. Gay people tend to have more money because they rarely have children. Not only do they have no chance for accident pregnancies, but they responsibly choose to rear children when they have the means. Not to say that heterosexuals are inferior because they can't guarantee pregnant-free sex, but it is a perk for homosexuals to not have that worry. As a result, gay people will often have more money to indulge on their "nice things", boosting any economy. 

Sorry, Mero. You're not only hurting families with your claims, you're just wrong.

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