Friday, May 2, 2014

Utah Attorney General Candidate Seeks Reform

A candid conversation with Utah Attorney General candidate Charles Stormont

by Brig Bagley

2 May 2014

Charles Stormont, a current employee of present Attorney General Sean Reyes, seeks the position of AG and wishes to change the way Utah's AG office functions. A Democrat, Stormont stands against a hard crowd of conservatives and republicans, but thinks that his views and policies can better represent what the people of Utah deserve. 

When interviewed, Stormont was very open with his plans and policies. He wishes the AG office to return to its intended purpose of a law firm as a opposed to its current status as a policy maker. He also wants to put up protections against scandals that lead to the resignation of previous AG John Swallow (who was reportedly involved with ethical and criminal charges). Stormont sees many of the actions taken by Sean Reyes as unnecessary, wasteful, and wrong. 

Reyes is pushing for the defense of Amendment 3 in Utah that bans same-sex marriage. Over $2 million of tax-payer dollars has already been spent hiring outside lawyers to defend the ban using arguments Stormont believes are neither strong nor convincing. Reyes has also filed to block adoptions of same-sex couples. when asked why he was tearing apart families, Reyes claimed he was only seeking to clarify the law. Stormont wonders why then "did he file to block adoptions?". 

This November we will see if Stormont will make it into office. He wishes to do the right thing, which he believes is not currently being done. Utah's government needs more variety in the mix. It's currently saturated with right wing (often LDS) people that fail to meet the needs of the non-LDS minorities.

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