Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gay NFL Draft Gets Media Attention


by Brig Bagley 

20 May 2014

Micheal Sam is the first openly gay man to be drafted in the NFL. Although this doesn't indicate play time or success in his football career, this is certainly an important moment in the progress of American society. Similar to Jackie Robinson's entrance into pro-baseball, Sam will be an icon in the history books that will change the face of American sports.

Some wonder why this is news, or feel that the media is shoving the gay agenda down their throats. But similar complaints, if not worse ones, were thrown at players like Jackie Robinson, for "encroaching" on the "white sport". Because sports like the NFL are considered "manly sports," it stigmatized it from people that were gay. Gays weren't interested in participating in or watching sports where their lifestyle was inferior in that world.

Now that it has become acceptable for a gay person to participate in the NFL, gay people will be more likely to become sports fans. Perhaps this was a publicity stunt by the St. Louis Rams. Even so, other players will be more likely to come out, and more teams will be willing to draft gay players because of the positive affect it had in this one situation.

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