Friday, May 16, 2014

Idaho Gets its Temporary Stay from Allowing Gay Marriage

by Brig Bagley

16 May 2014

The 9th District Court issues a temporary stay for gay marriage in Idaho, pending the approval of the state officials' appeal of the federal court ruling by Judge Candy Dale. The stay was granted under the frantic pleas of the state because the ruling stated that Idaho would have had to issue same-sex marriage licenses 9 a.m. this morning had it not been granted.

The arguments, statements, and anger is all the same we have heard before. Although issuing a stay avoids the confusion that Utah experienced, there are still hundreds of couples that are damaged by having to wait longer for the rights they wish to have. Dale saw it this way, although conservatives believe it is a "power hungry" move to not issue a stay, making the statement that "their ruling is right and no other way is right". But Dale was thinking of the citizens in Idaho that were being harmed. Allowing the marriages in no way harms any other person in the state, other than making them "uncomfortable" and forcing them to respect those they don't agree with.

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