Friday, May 16, 2014

Christians Promote "Traditional Family Values" Documentary

by Brig Bagley

16 May 2014

Focus on the Family is promoting a documentary by a New Zealand man that believes traditional values are "Irreplaceable". He wishes to prove that the shifting and declining of moral values have negatively affected societies around the world.

There are a two screenings today that were added because of the "overwhelming support" with the previous screenings earlier this month.

Focus on the Family has (ironically), in the past, has criticized LDS people and the LDS religion for not being true Christians. It has censored LDS authors, de-Christianized Mitt Romney, called Joseph Smith a liar, and claimed Mormons to be deceived by demons. However, when it comes to gay marriage, Focus on the Family is all too happy to rally the support of a million Mormons to shut it down.

If you're LDS and considering attending the screening, keep these thoughts in mind.

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