Friday, May 23, 2014

Gov. Herbert Expresses His Opinion to Rationalize Fighting Gay Marriage

by Brig Bagley

23 May 2014

Gov. Gary Herbert of Utah says that being black and being gay are different, because people choose their sexual orientation, but not their skin color. He also states that gay attractions are "impulses" that people can choose not to act upon.

These were just two extremely offensive and ignorant messages that Herbert gave at his monthly address to the state this month. LGBT representatives expressed that his statements were hurtful and come from a lack of understanding. 

Not defending the gay marriage ban, according to Herbert, is a step towards anarchy. 

Gov. Herbert will fight this issues to the bitter end--either for his church, his wealthy supporters, or his personal religious stance, or all of the above. He is not here for the people. He's looking out for himself. If you have voted in Utah before, he has even sold your phone numbers and addresses to anyone willing to pay $1050. He conveniently excluded himself from the list. 

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