Monday, May 19, 2014

Utah Supreme Court Grants Halt of Same-Sex Adoptions

by Brig Bagley

19 May 2014

The Utah Supreme Court sides with Utah AG Office in halting progress of same-sex couple adoption cases. Because federal courts were not granting the halt, AG Sean Reyes petitioned the local judicial system to grant his request--at odds with federal demands.

Utah Supreme Court issued the stay, explaining that until the confusion regarding the legality of same-sex marriage is resolved, all related issues are to be put on hold. Supporters of the stay say that the stay is to seek clarification as to whether issuing the adoptions violates Utah's currently held law that prohibits same-sex marriages.

Other believe that this move humiliates same-sex families and the AG office should be held in contempt in court for causing damage to families wishing to adopt. The AG office and 2 health department officials were summoned to a hearing to explain why they are not following the district court's order.

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